Hon horse explosive-proof fork, fork HMFBC explosion-proof constraints

2015/5/31 viewers
  • BrandHong ma
  • TypeHMFBC
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Hon horse constraint fork to use material of 6061 # aluminum alloy forging process, no welding is used after T4T6 heat treatment, hardness and toughness at HRB55-65 degrees. Can be folded, easy to carry, easy to operate. Strong and durable.

  Constraint fork parameters :

Leg fork: 2.36 kg  

Folding length 1000 mm to 255 mm 

wide A long 2005 mm to 255 mm 

deep Waist fork: 2.76 kg 

 Folding length 1133 mm to 495 mm wide 

A long 2266 mm to 495 mm deep


  The combination of the fork fittings hon horse constraints

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